VPCS Awards MoneyInMyHand Compliance Certification

VP Compliance Services Vendor Certification program is an extensive review and audit of vendors and debt buyers. A VPCS Certified Vendor is a vendor a lender can trust when looking to purchase leads.

VP Compliance Services is pleased to announce MoneyInMyHand has passed required elements of our Call Center Compliance Certification Program.

The Lead Gen Compliance Certification Review examined the following areas (listed below) and found MoneyInMyHand to be operating a compliant organization as of the date of the review and passed our background review.

Please consider MoneyInMyHand for any future lead gen services.

For any questions regarding our Vendor Certification Program please contact Rick Wittwer at (877) 350-9933 X5 or wrw@vpcs.biz. The elements of the certification review MoneyInMyHand passed are listed below:

VPCS Lead Gen CertificationDescriptionComments
Date Certified Date vendor passed the certification auditRe-audited yearly
Certifications & AccreditationsDescriptionComments
Online Lenders AccreditationDetailed examination of lenders policies and proceduresCurrent
Liens, Actions, Fines, InvestigationsDescriptionComments
Company Background CheckBackground check of company and associated companiesPassed
Principal Owners Background CheckBackground check of principalsPassed
Required LicensesDescriptionComments
Corporate RegistrationReview of state and federal corporate registrationsCurrent
State Registrations & BondsReview of state registrations and bondsComplete and current
Collections License ReviewAll required licences reviewedComplete and current
Agreement Review - ClientDescriptionComments
VendorExamined for required elements of agreementsPassed
Policy and Procedure ReviewDescriptionComments
Identity AuthenticationPolicy Exists
Procedure(s) Exists
GLBAPolicy Exists
Procedure(s) Exists
Privacy Policy Exists
Procedure(s) Exists
Record RetentionPolicy Exists
Procedure(s) Exists
SCRA / MLAPolicy Exists
Procedure(s) Exists
UDAAPPolicy Exists
Procedure(s) Exists
Vendor ManagementPolicy Exists
Procedure(s) Exists
TCPAPolicy Exists
Procedure(s) Exists
Information Security (GLBA)DescriptionComments
PCI ScanPerformed on all IP addressesPassed
Written Security ProgramProgram Policy Exists
Information Encryption used when transferring dataProgram Policy ExistsPassed
Network MonitoringVendor in placePassed
Firewalls installed Reviewed firewall technology and vendorPassed
Default passwords and Security Parameters updatedPolicy Exists
Procedure(s) Exists
Protection against system attacksTechnology exists
Adequate practice of testing
Restricted access to Sensitive InformationPolicy Exists
Procedure(s) Exists
Secure development of system and applicationsPolicy Exists
AuditsReviewed audit schedule and resultsPassed
Physical SecurityPolicy ExistsReviewed audits - passed
Clean Desk PolicyPolicy Exists
reviewed audit
Facility Access MonitoringPolicy Exists
reviewed audit and logs
FDCPAReview of adequacy and frequency of trainingPassed
TCPAReview of adequacy and frequency of trainingPassed
Vendor ReviewDescriptionComments
Ongoing Monitoring (reporting, audits, monitoring, reviews)Reviewed audit frequency and findingsPassed
On Boarding (Questionnaire, Contract Review, Background checks, References)Policy Exists
Reviewed audits and frequency
Vendor AgreementReviewed agreements of TPPPs and ODFIsPassed
Compliance Management ProgramDescriptionComments
OversightReviewed organizational structure, authority, and personnel Passed
MonitoringReviewed monitoring programs for adequacy and frequencyPassed
TrainingReviewed training programsPassed
Complaint ManagementReviewed program, system to manage, and inability to editPassed
Written Policies and ProceduresPolicy Exists
Procedure(s) Exists
Public Internet SearchDescriptionComments
Vendor Name/KeywordPerformed searches and examined all postsAcceptable results
CFPB Complaint DatabaseExamined CFPB complaints, resolutions, and response timingPassed

For more information on how our services can benefit your organization contact us at (877) 350-9933 X5 or wrw@vpcs.biz

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