Quality Compliance Professionals for a Fractional Monthly Commitment

A compliance professional is a key business partner for each lender. He or she is someone who can develop and implement compliance initiatives, review, write and approve policies and procedures, review new lending product roll-outs, respond to regulatory and BBB complaints, and review contracts and prospective vendors.

learn2comply’s team of compliance professionals steps in and works with each lender to build long-term sustainable programs.

learn2comply’s Fractional Compliance Professionals give you the heft and breadth of a compliance professional on your team, a consistent voice at the leadership table, and the peace of mind of not having to carry a large financial burden.

learn2comply’s Fractional Compliance Professional offering allows its clients access to a full and consistent strategic partner without the commitment of a full-time position.

learn2comply’s compliance professionals are not “between jobs” or looking to find a “home”. They are committed financial and compliance professionals who understand the value of working and making a difference.

learn2comply’s Fractional Compliance Professionals are able to step in immediately to help out in a wide array of services. Because every lender has unique compliance needs and loan products, learn2comply takes great pride in integrating in the manner that best fits our client’s organizational structure.
learn2comply delivers compliance expertise in the following functions and specialties:

  • Lending Policies and Procedures
  • Compliance Training
  • Contract Review
  • Prospective Vendor Review
  • Transaction Monitoring (Review Alerts, Flags or Exceptions)
  • Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) for high risk customers
  • Evaluation of lender’s monitoring process to determine accuracy, efficiency and compliance with regulators’ expectations

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